Monday, April 27, 2009

LD: Long Distance

Long distance for 4 years?? HOW!! We hear this ALL the time. And of course the next thing is “I couldn’t do it!!” Well I always respond with “of course it is difficult and is definitely not for everyone, but it requires a lot of trust in the person you are with”. One of the things that helped us, is our strong foundation of friendship. Jemiel and I have been friends since the week before school started our first year at Florida A&M University. Freshman year we really got to know each other as friends and got to witness each other’s characters. From that experience I knew that he was (is) a good person and he knows that I mean well ;). Now what’s funny is how we talk to each other like we are on the phone even when we are in person! Sometimes we will say “hello?” or “hold on a sec” like we are putting the phone down. It’s funny because Jemiel will catch himself in the middle of a phrase and stop and shake his head like “why did I just say that-- we aren’t on the phone.”

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