Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Paparazzi: Our Website Photos

So I know that a lot of people were wondering who took our pictures for the website and where the heck we were at!

In February, the Barnes family (and J. Rose) went on a vacation to Turks & Caicos (it is cheap in February and we had skymiles to make it supercheap!). We were at a place called Providenciales, which was a really nice place. We figured since we would be there and the scenery would be amazing--why not take our website pictures there? So we recruited MY DADDY!!!! Yes, James Barnes BKA "uncle Jojo" BKA Jim, BKA "Jaaaaames" (as said by my mother) :) Dad, you did an amazing job, just as I expected and we were thrilled at how they turned out. Dad never toots his own horn so I WILL!!!! Go Dad!!!!

Anyways, Turks & Caicos was wonderful--to be with my family, and to be with J. Rose (this was his first time being around my family for an extended period of time). We had a lot of fun exploring the area, grilling, eating, snorkeling, admiring yachts and just relaxing! Jemiel and I even learned how to play BID WHIST!!!! Uptown, downtown, no trump, kiddie--all of these were new terms for us "spades" players!!!