Sunday, September 25, 2016


Today I sailed this boat.  All by myself! And I'm super proud of me.  I promised that I would do at least two things a year that scare me--and this is the second. Because if you fall in, the water is cold and it's filled with jellyfish.  Two people fell in today – –but I wasn't one of them!

The sailing class is at the Mystic Seaport-- it is every Sunday from now through the beginning of November.   We start out on these little boats and sail around the Mystic River--and the weather today was about 62°.

The day started out with a lesson on the parts of the sailboat with our instructors Wes and Bob.  We then put the boats together, carried them out to the water, hopped in, and one by one--pushed off into the water!

What things scare you, that you may secretly one day try?  

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