Friday, October 7, 2016

Field Trip

Today I chaperoned Jaiden's first school field trip to Scott's Yankee Farmer (on his birthday!). Having to keep track of four darting and dodging 4-5 year olds was amazing and terrifying!  I kept telling the teacher God bless you--you do this everyday!  

It was interesting to see the difference between the girls (sitting and listening intently) and the boys (bouncing and bopping, chatting and wiggling) and to realize oh--it's not just my kid who is like this--it's a 4-5 year old thing!  Harrison was backpack chillin...because you know Harrison--he just chills. 

It all started out by following a bus full of excited and anxious kindergarten and first graders through the enchanting fall foliage along the back roads of East Lyme.   Once we arrived, Farmer Scott and his wife loaded us all into wagons pulled by tractors on a tour of the farm, where the kids learned about different apples, squashes and gourds and were even able to pick our own! We finished up the day picking apples and enjoying a picnic lunch.  

2 things I learned about being chaperone:  have a safe word (come back to me when you hear cheerios!), and hold hands!

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